Boneheadz – A PRSNA Series – January 2020

With all the problems in the world today, music & comedy are still the best forms of escape. The minds behind SCMFCK (as you can imagine what it stands for) have infused their gimmick style brand of heavy metal music & boundary crossing humor into an animated series that takes aim at current events, real life experiences & fictitious tales in a relatable & comedic manner.

Boneheadz takes place in a town called Riffsville & follows the lives of 4 heavy metal musicians who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Take a break from life & come along for the unordinary, comical & downright insane journey of the Boneheadz crew. With characters, situations & emotions anyone can find relation to, Boneheadz is sure to give you a laugh & leave you wanting more of the progression that lies ahead.

Written, Arranged, Animated & Produced by Costas Themistocleous



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