First let me start by saying, I support the LGBTQ community. I believe we as humans are free to be who we want to be, whoever that may be and unapologetically.

I come from a broken home where the bully, abuse and torment was just as bad, if not worse than what I received in school from my peers. Maybe it thickened my skin a bit, but even so some things even still might still bother me a bit.

But when I look back in reflection, I can’t help but pinpoint the day I found personal growth. It was the day I refused to let the things someone says bother me. It was the day I decided to embrace my insecurities. It was the day I decided to be comfortable with exactly who I am, no matter who did or didn’t like it.

I watched “The Closer” on Tuesday October 5th with my soon to be fiancé. We both laughed. I have been a Dave Chappelle fan for a while and even had the pleasure of seeing him at one of the sold out Radio City Music Hall shows.

The beauty about people is difference and indifference. Some like red. Some like blue. Some like apples. Some like oranges. In my opinion, I do not believe Dave Chappelle is transphobic. I do not believe he spreads transphobia. While you might not agree, I don’t view you any differently for it. But let me explain why.

Since the inception of Chappelle, he has always poked and provoked fun at controversial topics including race, religion, pop culture, the mainstream, etc. But while poking fun at everyone else’s expense, he is also shameless enough to poke fun at his expense. He does this to provide enjoyment to people. To bring people together. I look at it in its most raw form.

I believe there is a difference in saying something in a hateful, discriminatory way from saying it in a way that pokes fun at self.

While to me “Cancel Culture” is a farced label for a movement that has done plenty of good in exposing bad people, it has also been carried away in a context. Taken a bit too far at times and circumstance.

There is a big difference between people in videos in real life circumstance using racial, homophobic or hateful slurs towards other human beings in real life social settings and a person getting on stage to do a comedic bit. That’s my opinion.

I was at the J. Cole, 21 Savage and Morray show at the Barclays Center on 10/2. Before Cole came out, one of his homies came out and did a stand up/music bit. He poked fun at white people. He poked fun at Spanish people. He poked fun at Asian people. He poked fun at black people. I was laughing just as hard for the white as I was the others. This black couple sitting next to me looked a bit uncomfortably confused until we sparked a conversation. I’m not here to be offended. I’m here to laugh, enjoy & have a good time. I’m here to embrace the night and this moment. Unless you do harm to me or my loved ones, that’s exactly what it’ll be. Exactly what I’ll do.

I believe there is a difference in light fun and derogatory verbal attacks. At the end of the day we are imperfect, flawed and human. It is up to us to live comfortably in our own skin. It is up to us to be who we are supposed to be and who we are. Unfortunately, not everyone will like you or accept you. Not everyone likes or accepts me.

In the same regard, I can’t help but slightly see some becoming the very people they’re fighting. Though the argument might be different, theoretically it’s similar. We can’t oppress, cancel, shut down, burn, destroy everything we don’t understand, believe in, dislike or know. The fact that it took as long as it did for gay people to be married legally, is appalling. Realistically, there’s plenty of people out there who disagree with the notion. I say fuck them. 🤷‍♂️.

Dave Chappelle is a good man. He does plenty for communities of all race, creed, color and orientation. He is entitled to his opinions like everyone else. We do not need to like or agree.

Universally, I do believe we as a society need to thicken up a bit. I do believe we need to shamelessly be who we are supposed to be and unapologetically. I do believe in being shamelessly who we are, we not only set a precedent and inspiration to others, but we also stop victimizing ourselves in the process.

Whether you are male, female, non-binary, black, white, Asian, gay, straight, pansexual, not everyone will like us. But that’s okay. The right ones will like us. The right ones will be friends, family, sincere and genuine. I do believe we need to take this notion of everyone needs to like and accept you out of our stigma, because it’s just not true. No matter who you are.

I truly believe we should take cancel culture with a little more care and consideration. Are we doing more harm than good when we go after the Dave Chappelle and Johnny Depps? When we should be channeling that energy towards the Ben Shapiro, White Nationalist, Those trying to take away reproductive rights, those gay bashing, abusing their power. Does canceling or trying to cancel anything and everyone who offends or hurts our feelings do more harm than good to a cause that has done so much good in exposing bad people for who they are?

At a point when is enough really enough? My name is Costas and I am a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community. I am a proud supporter of people being who they really are. I am and will always be an advocate for freedom to love who we want to love, freedom to express ourselves as artists and individuals, freedom to be the best versions of ourselves. My name is Costas and though there is plenty of things and people I do not like, until you lay hands on me or mine, come as you are and we can coexist.

My name is Costas and I choose to shamelessly and unapologetically be me everyday.



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