Life is a series of triumph and tragedy.

You can forget your will and run.

Or You can face everything and rise.

The clouds are rolling in.

It’s starting to pour.

My only question for you.

Do you think you can Last the Storm?


Nikki Brady – Last the Storm

Available on all streaming platforms November 18, 2022.


2022 Riffsville Records Nikki Brady is an artist from Long Island, NY. After being a contestant on American Idol season 14, Nikki took a long hiatus from music and performing. Just recently finding her way back into the arts after being discovered by producer Costas Themistocleous. Nikki has been working overtime perfecting and honing her craft, recently releasing her debut single “Sequels” in September 2022. Her extensive catalog is finally rolling out, with a handful of singles spanning multiple genres and an album on the way in 2023. This is Nikki Brady. This is her humble beginning. Care to join her on this beautiful journey?


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