Sometimes you really just need to walk. Wander. Let go of controlling your thoughts and let them roam freely.

Personally, I love the woods and I find parks late night when few are out to be my favorite. I typically walk with my soon to be fiancé and we take our 2 dogs, Nala and Chance.

A lot has changed for me over the course of 2021. Though I have always been a survivor and able to adapt to my surroundings quite well to survive. I am a creature of habit. Though I can handle change and adversities swiftly in real time, it is something that weighs heavy on the heart, mind and soul.

I believe putting your emotions into perspective is healthy. I also believe walking through the fire and finding the solution is necessary. If we can take the credit, we should most certainly take the blame.

I strive to be a better, more grateful, more appreciative, more raw and honest version of myself everyday.


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