Looking back, reflecting on the last year and it’s a moment that just hits you. So much has happened, so much has changed, so much has evolved in such little time. 12 months in the moment can seem like an eternity. Yet 12 months in reflection feels like just yesterday.

Intuition is knowing what is going to play out without knowing how or when. Plenty has happened over this year, that I have muttered out loud at one point or another, yet the shock, emotion & feeling always feel brand new when it occurs.

Music is a huge part of my life. It completes me. It makes me whole. It brings a joy I will never be able to put into words. It brings a therapy I couldn’t describe.

Though losing the band and the people I’ve been playing music with for the last 10+ years, people I have been inspired by and have inspired at one point or another is hard, the loss of my best friends is harder.

An unnecessary loss. A loss that can be avoided with proper communication. A loss that I believe never needed to happen. All the blood and tears that come with the continuous fight that’s perfected guerrilla.

Things do happen for a reason though. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it’s heavy on the heart. Even if you wish it didn’t. With time, it all makes sense.

While I could sum up 2021 as a big loss or failure. That be foolish. Though the losses were significant in 2021, plenty of seeds were planted. I believe it’s human nature to want in one way or another instant gratification, glory or results. But throughout my life and career I have always found that the biggest leaps come from small steps along the way.

I started my career late in 2014 and have been working like an ox to ensure the proper life for my family. I have been nonstop since then. A pandemic didn’t even really stop the grind too much.

2021 was a year of relax and reset. A year where productivity and production wasn’t meant for instant reward. It was a year of growth. A year of learning. A year of maturing. Another year of recognizing my flaws as a human being and working towards correcting them. Another year of planting financial, artistic, and soul seeds while continuing to nurture them daily as the plant begins to sprout.

Plants do sprout from stillborn seeds and I believe that my life, where it started, where it is and where it will he has reflected that metaphor to the fullest.

While the world is figuring out its way through the end of the pandemic, I find myself also figuring out a way through the flames that have been ignited around me. I’ve never been a stranger to hell, but when the smoke clears and everything settles, I’ll be a little wiser, stronger, smarter, grateful and in tact.

While I hope and wish you the best, If you’re going through some things, whether it be physically, emotionally, work related, socially related, you will get through it. You will see it through. Keep going. Remember that the most beautiful things in life come from the things that don’t make much sense.

I look forward to bringing you all I have been working on. There is plenty to be excited for. My company and I are building a physical and digital playground that is meant to be shared with you.

I am once again excited to share a piece of my soul with you through music as well. It’s been almost 2 years since I have been apart of a band or project that has released music. I cannot wait to bridge that void between my soul and yours.

Don’t look back on 2021 as a failure or loss. Remind yourself you are happy, healthy and woke another day to be better then you were yesterday. I hope you go into 2022 and make reality out of all your hopes and dreams. Slow and steady wins the race.


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